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What's So Great About Linux?

I hate Linux snobs. Not the people who use it in office applications or for servers where it belongs, oh no. I hate the skinny, greasy haired, Emo fuckoff that swears up and down while rolling his eyes at you that "Linux is so way superior to Windows, yo". And then goes on to tell you nothing but why Microsoft sucks. If you pay attention, you'll notice the twit never says anything about why Linux is a better operating system. Ever. He'll just rip on Bill Gates and company citing crashes and security breaches as 'proof' of his assertions. He'll tell you about Microsoft's shady business practices, but won't mention that everybody else in the world is doing it too. And he'll throw around words like "open-source" just to try and make you think he knows what he's talking about. These are the same idiots that have lights in their computer cases that sit under their desks where nobody can see them. They tout their limited technical skill in setting up RAID systems and the ability to use the command line like it makes them a god.

It does not.

Besides, when did putting a computer together require a degree from MIT? Once upon a time maybe it was a chore to hand-solder all the components onto a circuit board, but now building a PC is akin to assembling LEGO's. Want to impress me, motherfucker? Do some work in Assembly language or naitive machine code.

Let me tell you here and now that I think Linux absolutely sucks for home use, and I daresay that it will forever suck for home use. Why? Because nobody supports it. That's the whole shebang.

The Linux crowd will swear that anything you want you can get for free online. Not true. I want to play the newest Elder Scrolls game, and it's not going to be for Linux. If I had a version of Linux installed, and that was all I had, I couldn't play. In an interesting side note, everyone I know who masturbates to Linux has a secondary hard drive with windows on it for games.

Lest you think that I haven't given Linux a fair shake, allow me to put your mind at ease. I currently have within easy reach a coaster with the Ubuntu Linux OS on it. I can put it in my CD ROM drive before I boot and it will load a Linux environment. Too damned bad I can only surf the internet with it and can't access any of my hard drives. That's right. With Linux, I CAN'T ACCESS MY C DRIVE WHERE OVER 90% OF THE DATA I WANT TO USE IN THE FIRST GODDAMNED PLACE IS. It won't mount. It won't report itself as being there. It won't work.

Strangely enough, when I restarted after ejecting the CD that contained the Linux environment, everything worked like a well-oiled sewing machine again.

Do you want to know why Linux is more stable than Windows? Because nothing runs on it. You can't open any programs. That's a sure-fire bet for keeping a system stable. If it would ever do anything, it'd probably be just as stable as Windows, which for me runs just fine. If you're the type of person who feels the need to leave your PC on for six months at a stretch, then you're plain old fucking stupid. There were instructions online for playing media files, but guess what? They didn't work. Everything I tried to do on my local machine failed in Ubuntu. Nothing would compile, nothing would run. That's the secret to Linux's stability and security. It won't let you into your own programs.

If you want monolithic proof that Windows is a superior OS for PC use, here it is: Nobody makes PC's with Linux installed, although Linux is free. They would rather pay Microsoft a royalty fee than use an open-source operating system because Windows works well and easily, while Linux does not. Naysayers like to interject at this poing with how IBM used to ship their PC's with Linux onboard as a last stand against my logic. My killing blow here is to remind them that IBM shut down and sold their PC line to the Lenovo group in China so they could focus on just selling servers. Why? For the same reason any company sells one of it's divisions; because they were losing money in the PC business.

So after braving the waters, I can tell you that Linux isn't worth the headache. Windows trumps Linux in every area that you'll ever need as a home PC user because it is easy to use and very flexible. Whatever I want to do in Windows, I can do. If you think that Windows is a bad operating system, that's because you listen to all these morons who tout this "open source" crap in about twelve different flavors. Try Linux. It's free... because it's too much of a pain in the ass to sell. Maybe you'll like it, but I'm betting you won't. You'll come back to Windows soon where everything works at the click of a button.

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Anonymous Troy from TODC said...

A friend of mine just put Linux on his 'server' but he spent a bunch of time config the Linux OS so it works right.

I have another friend wanting me to switch to Apple.

I'm with you on this one that Windows works great!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to bad I am over a year late, but:
You seem to be on off those guys who thinks that all OSes work the same. But they don't.
Hard drives aren't shown on Ubuntu's Desktop, because this would flood the goddamned thing. If you would read the fucking manual (or in this case, the wiki) you would have known that your hard drives can be accessed via the filemanager -> My Computer !!!
Though, back then, there was no stable driver for ntfs and you weren't able to write your files. Get a fresh copy of Feisty Fawn and try it out, it works fine now :P

2:21 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Mr. Anonymous returns! With hate mail! I have my first piece of hate mail! WOOO HOOO!

Heya Anonymous. Let me put your fears at ease. I do, in fact, know that all operating systems don't work the same, and I further know that all Linux distros don't work the same. You see, I maintain a Kubuntu Linux machine at the local University for the SPS office. Don't even get me started bitching about Red Hat.

You're right that files can, in fact, be accessed through the file manager, but not when you're using the CD to boot from, and I don't give a damn what partition format you're using. It doesn't see them and you can't mount them. Not even through the terminal. But trust me, I read the fucking manual (or in this case, the wiki), or did you not read the fucking article (or in this case my explanation) where I mentioned this?

But I do have a copy of Feisty Fawn installed on a hard drive here at home. In fact I'm typing this on the newest distro of it right now, and I can tell you that it officially sucks less than the others I've used. But even still, one ugly fact remains: nobody supports it.

11:50 AM  
Blogger fie said...

Oh, I hate you along with Anonymous as well! I'm not sure what you mean by "nobody supports Linux" but Dell is selling Linux PCs because of all the people who want Linux... or the people who want to get a system cheaper and then install a pirated copy of Windows on it.

Linux has suck software. GIMP sucks balls compared to Photoshop. If I were rich enough and smuggy enough I'd buy an Apple and be rid of Windows. Pushing people away from Linux isn't going to help the fact that there is better software for Windows. If we could just encourage people to play around with it then more developers would be interested in making software for it.

Linux isn't for retards. It takes a bit of work. Windows Vista Ultimate is 500-600 bucks. Ubuntu, Gnome, Xgl, and Beryl are all free with comparable if not better graphics.

Linux wasn't designed to be a desktop OS. You're right, it was meant to be installed in a large beige box in a dark closet. Kind developers have spent their time developing software for this free OS so that people who can't drop the cash for Vista and OS X can have an alternative. So why should folks who can afford the "good shit" use Linux? They shouldn't. It's a proven fact that rich people are dumb and therefore incapable of using such a superior OS. :P

OK, not really. In the end it comes down to a few things. Some people use Linux for the challenge. Some people use Linux because they be po'. Some people use Linux for ethical/political reasons. Some people use Linux because of the security. Some people use Linux because it's sexy. For me... it's a little bit of all of those.

It will take time. Not everyone is going to switch at once. I'm fairly sure that Vista is going to be the death of Microsoft as we know it.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Alan said...

Welcome to Plainly Ranting, Fie. I'm glad you're spending the energy to hate me (second piece of hate mail, it's official), but at the time of this writing, the article "What's So Great About Linux?" is well over a year old, and pushing another half. So let's round things off and say that it's a year and a half old. It makes things simple for literature's sake.

When you asked what I meant by nobody supporting Linux, I was referring to software and hardware alike. The software issue is still valid in my sight, as being forced to use something half-assed like DOSEMU, WINE (pick one), or Cedega all suck for various reasons. As a baseline, all naitive commercial Linux games I've installed and ran which supported both Linux and Windows ran better on Windows machines. But in fairness, you appear to have said as much, so in this we agree.

As for hardware, again, this article is pushing a year and a half in age. When I wrote it, NOBODY sold Linux boxes. None. Zip. Nada. IBM was still pissing themselves in glee for selling off their PC division.

Keep in mind, I have 5, count them, 5 computers up and running on my network here at home, (this was written on my Mac. OS X if you care to know), and I can boot, at will, any of the major operating systems you can name. I know what works in what application because I use them all for various things. Real honest to Christ DOS? Yep. Linux? Yep. Windows? Three flavors. And all of them have their place.

Windows recognized my 5 button mouse and its scroll wheel. I got to write that god damned file for Feisty. This sorry assed Macintosh still has one of those pitiful one-button mice they thought were so clever, but I can cope. The legacy machine I just hope to god never breaks because there aren't any more parts for it, but it's good for nostalgia. Emulators suck (see Linux above).

But I do think you're on to something about Vista. I've heard nothing, (and I mean NOTHING), good about it (lots of I.T. buddies). Will I move to Linux to keep from buying Microsoft products? Not if Microsoft can deliver a good product that is useful to me. Vista isn't that kind of product right now.

So for me, my MSDOS, OS X, Windows XP and Feisty Fawn get me by. But that's not to say I advocate Linux. I wouldn't wish that misbegotten, INCOMPLETE piece of shit on a dog. Two words: Sun Java. Give it a two hour whirl getting it installed sometime. Flash is slightly better. Yay firefox, the default Linux browser.

You have to fix your shit before we'll want to use it. That's the golden rule. Why can't Linux distro teams learn to do this?

I eagerly await your reply. Just don't take a year.

8:44 PM  

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