Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Are You 15 Years Old? You Might Need The Shit Beaten Out Of You.

Something in this country is fucked up. I mean bad fucked up. Today I was witness to a 15 year old boy getting an old disabled man so angry by taunting him that he threatened to pop a few knots on this kid's head. The little bastard dared the man to hit him, knowing full well that he was protected under the law.

I think this is horseshit.

If you goad someone into hitting you, that should be your ass and nobody else's. I'm sick to death of this rattle-brained bullshit about protecting kids. I don't necessarily believe in child abuse, but if they ask for it, then let 'em have it I say. It's one thing to tell them that stealing those cars and getting a fucking police record is not cool, but even godammed animals know better than to jump on something twice their size. If the kid is wanting to fight, let him. There'll be a lot less fights that way.

Kids in this country are far too well protected if you ask me. They can take guns to school and shoot each other and live in a children's home until they're 21... Unless you're a black boy in Florida. Then they give you life in prison.

I earnestly believe that if you allow these wise-assed brats to get their head knocked loose from their ears once in a while, they might just start thinking things over before they say them. But back to the story with the annoying asshole...

I eventually ended the mess by telling fuckstick that I wasn't going to hit him, I was just going to tear off all his clothes and send him running back home naked as the day he was born, and then the whole neighborhood could laugh at how little his dick was. (This is a deadly insult to a 15 year old boy.) He told me I was fat. I told him he was a titty-baby and probably needed his diaper changed. Besides, I would have a witness that would swear that he pulled a knife on me. (He didn't, but it would have been sworn to anyway.)

I think the cum-stain actually pissed himself before all was said and done.

If only we could get the city to raise the speed limit to 90 miles per hour on the back streets.

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