Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Can We Deport Kanye West?

"I'm so stupid I had to have the barber carve a brain into my hair!"

There are still people in this country that aren't happy slavery and segregation came to an end. They remind you constantly of "their" people and the suffering that they apparently wish that they still had to endure. Everything is an issue with them, they remain in a state of constant paranoia, and they will never be at peace until you are in a paranoid frenzy as well.

That being said, let's talk for a minute about a man named Kanye West. Then let's talk about why I hate him.

As we all know, Hurricane Katrina recently erased a good portion of what used to be New Orleans, Louisiana, and in doing so left many people homeless, destitute and starving. The folks over at NBC decided to hold a live concert fundraiser with the proceeds to go to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. Mister West was one among many celebrities and singers who participated in the one hour special. The program was produced by NBC News and ran on the NBC broadcast network, as well as MSNBC and CNBC.

Everybody saw this.

Normally when anything is being done on the air, there is a process that is followed. Cue cards are prepared in advance for the actors on camera, the people on camera read their lines, the show goes off without a hitch, and everybody calls it a good day at work. This is just a guess on my part, and should not be confused with fact, but something tells me that these particular celebrities weren't being paid for showing up. This was supposed to be charity work. The organizers asked them to come and help, and even if they did somehow get paid, it wasn't much.

But Kanye, may he be flogged, decided to appear so he could push his own agenda. It's not enough that he's a 29 year old millionaire who owns a record label, (G.O.O.D.), with his own line of clothing, (Pastel), mind you. It's not enough that he can easily afford to publicise his opinions with his own cash. Oh no.

I'll bet you're wondering what it was that he did to set me off by now. To that, all I can say is click here. (Opens in a new window.)

If LiveJournal is being a bitch about the link above, or you want to see a slightly longer cut of the segment, try this one instead.

(Right-click and "save target as" 4.04MB)

He isn't some poor kid from the streets who got a break, he was a record producer who decided to cut his own album. A HOT producer that everyone wanted. This worthless piece of racist shit is about as 'street' as anyone currently enrolled at Harvard. Not only does Kanye deliberately try to stir up trouble like the retard that he is, but he can't even manage a coherent sentence. While he's busy trying to squeese about 40 different unrelated thoughts out at the same time, Mike Myers (standing to his right) is absolutely floored.

Let's be honest. Kanye is an idiot. As the photo above clearly shows, not only is he a half-wit, but he's an artificial half-wit to boot. If you want further proof of this, I refer you to the statement Doctor Kanye West made on AIDS, and his thoughts on his latest album:

According to MTV, West said "I would rather take that chance because it's important for my people. The concept of AIDS alone - my parents always told me, who are activists - that it's a man-made disease in the first place that was placed in Africa just like crack was placed in the black community to break up the Black Panther party."

And! And!!

"After I finished with 'Jesus Walks' two weeks later I walk around with it and you can't tell me it's not hot. Fuck you and your stupid ass ratings. Anybody who gives my album less than a perfect score is lowering the integrity of their own magazine. So either be a part of history or become it".

His PARENTS told him that whitey cooked up AIDS. Yeah, just like they taught us in school, right? This is racist bigotry that he never went to the trouble to check out for himself, because it's always easier to hate and blame and be paranoid when you remain willfuly ignorant of the facts. Also, notice how he refers to "his people"? He sounds like a black version of a Neo Nazi supremacist. Here's something for ya' Kanye... Not everybody has to agree with you. Not all of the time, not even some of the time. If you like to listen to your own recordings and think they're the hottest thing since the vanity mirrors you have hung in your fucking dining room so you can admire yourself, then that's fine. Personally I think your shit sucks because you did it. As for AIDS, you're absolutely right. We did invent AIDS and designed it to target black people, because you know that white people never get it. Neither do Asians, American Indians, Latinos or anyone else but black folks. You fucking shit-stir.

That's not the worst of his inane self-aggrandizing, self-messianic bilge. The fact that he is on record as criticizing the wealthy for "riding home in their Benzs and Bentleys while poor Africans starve" makes me mad enough to fuck a potted plant. Unfortunately, Kanye West could not be reached for comment as he was getting out of his stretched limousine and into his private jet.

Now let's get back to Lake New Orleans and the people stuck down there. Kanye doesn't mention who "his" people are, but from his previous statements we can safely assume he was talking about black folks. What about the hispanic, asian and white people who are still stuck up on their roof? Doesn't mention them. I gather that the thought of anyone but blacks hasn't even entered his mostly empty head.

Kanye West is rich, stupid, ignorant and racist and that's a bad combination; I just know this asshole masturbates to photos of Malcom X.

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Anonymous Jeremy said...

LOL. You are so eloquent. There are two reasons why your rant is sad. One is because it is true and two is because there are a lot of black people out there that feel this way.

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