Monday, December 12, 2005

Are You Here Illegally? Go The Fuck Home!

In this country we are slopping over with illegal aliens. Millions of them. There are channels that you go through to get into this country legitimately, but very few do when compared to the ones that just slime over here on the down-low. And they are illegal aliens, not "Undocumented Immigrants". Calling them Undocumented Immigrants is exactly parallel to calling a burglar an "Uninvited House Guest".

Do you know why we don't allow unrestricted immigration? It's because we don't want useless people coming over here and getting on welfare for the rest of their lives. Do you want proof that they're useless? They're here illegally. That means they've already shown disrespect for our laws by breaking them. If they'll do it once, they'll do it again.

Concerning green cards let me just say this. When you get a green card, it means that you have a certain time limit to remain here in the United States. It does not mean that you can fucking hang out here until you're old and grey so long as you don't get caught. Let me make it simple for you: IF YOU WEREN'T BORN HERE, YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO STAY HERE. That's what citizenship is all about. You have no more right to live here than I do to live in Mexico. If you want to live here, go through the process like everybody else.

And learn to speak English! It's a requirement. It is not my job nor is it even remotely sensible for me to learn a foreign tounge to communicate in my own country, although a Mexican who was here on a day-pass work visa told me I needed to learn Spanish when I was down in Laredo. "You fucking greaseball," I said, "The last time I checked, Laredo was a border town in Texas, which is located firmly inside the borders of the United States where English is the national language. This is NOT Canada. We do NOT have two national languages here. I live here and you don't. If you don't like the fact that YOU are at fault for being here when you're not supposed to then I suggest that you simply shut the fuck up and go home where you belong. Stop swimming the fucking river to take money from the US economy back down to that little shithole of a country you live in."

People who counterfeit Social Security cards need to be in prison. You aren't helping anyone but yourself and you make me sick. You're trafficing criminals, you know that?

Everybody's seen those signs for "Migrant Worker Help Centers" GET RID OF THIS SHIT ALREADY! "Oh illegal aliens are such a problem!", they say. "Hurry to your local Migrant Worker Help Center and we'll give you a handout and hook you up with farmers who like to pay only Fourty-Five bucks a day in cash with no taxes." Get serious. That's like spraying for roaches with honey and dogshit.

I have no problem with aliens who become nationalized and learn English. In fact, one of my best friends is just such a person and I love her to death. Granted she's short and talks funny, but she's a decent, productive citizen. She speaks English, she's smart, and she doesn't cringe at the word "Immagration". Let me say it again: SHE'S A PRODUCTIVE CITIZEN. These little welfare cockroaches are not.

I say we just put up a 20 foot tall, 10,000 volt electric fence on our side of the Rio Grande and pass laws that say if you're here illegally our laws don't apply to you. What will this fix? Simple. If they don't get barbecued on the north banks, we can then have our officers in Texas and California beat them like Rodney King without a trial and toss their asses back over the fence where they belong to splat back in the mud.

I hate illegal aliens. Maybe we should spray 'em with honey and dogshit and let the cockroaches carry them away.

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