Monday, January 23, 2006

Politically Incorrect

Political correctness... Everyone in this country over the age of ten knows what it is, and I daresay that somewhat less than half of this demographic has come to accept and uphold it in everyday life. Personally, I have tolerated these verbal atrocities for far too long out of you assholes who use language to hide your sins, and I honestly feel that you've been feeding it to people for so long that they're starting to believe it. Because of you, the PC minority, we have become a nation of weak-spined, mealy-mouthed dispassionate assholes who care nothing for the suffering of others.

Want proof? I swear to God, I actually saw a branch clinic of the local hospital called a "Wound Care Center" What the fuck ever happened to a plain old hospital? Ah, I remember. They became "Medical Centers". Cram your "People of Color" jargon and your annoying "s/he" bullshit in magazines. It's not a "Behavioral Health Facility", it's an insane asylum. It's not "bathroom tissue" it's toilet paper. Handicapped people are not "Differently Abled". Hell, they're not even handicapped, they're crippled.

While we're at it, spare me the crap about how I'm not in touch with my feminine side. Of course I'm not in touch with my feminine side. I don't have a feminine side. I'm male, I like chicks, (the more scantily clad the better), and I stand up when I piss. If you have a feminine side and testicles, you're gay.

And STOP with the BCE / CE crap. Not only is it cumbersome, it makes absolutely no sense. For those of you who don't know what this means, it stands for "Before Common Era" and "Common Era". Somebody, somewhere decided that the Gregorian calendar that everybody else in this country uses was offensive because BC and AD had Christian religious overtones. (In case you're wondering, BC and AD stand for "Before Christ and "Anno Domini" e.g.The Year of our Lord)) Stop being stupid. This is supposed to be more polite toward non-christians. Bullshit. You've already taken away all thier holidays and tried to make them feel bad for wanting to celebrate them, and now you want to cock-up their calendar too? Somebody please shoot these motherfuckers off their high-horse. Besides, the new "PC" dating system is based on exactly the same event in history.

I even found this quote on a pro-BCE / CE website. (Yeah... a website based on calendar prescripts... wow. Just... wow.) "So never mind the "political correctness" angle -- just look at it in terms of politeness, consideration, and accuracy." SOURCE (Opens in a new window.)

Let me see if I get this straight... You PC assholes are trying to make the term Politically Correct, politically correct! HA! The downward spiral begins! Having run your course in sterilizing the language of all humanity, the only thing left that is offensive in your jargon is yourself. And you are offensive.

These people are crusaders of a sort, but without papal sanction. They want to make language bland and unthreatening by hacking out or grossly mutilating any words or phrases that might possibly offend someone. There's no life left in language in thier dystopian ideal, and they want to force it on you, whether you like it or not. They've already made several changes that I refuse to kowtow to, but the media just accepts as gospel. Before you know it, the spineless media assholes will start referring to people as "suicide victims". Oh, wait a minute... they already do! SOURCE (Opens in a new window.)

Here's something you PC idiots ought to know: You can't be a victim if you do it to yourself. These morons aren't "suicide victims", they're suicides. The definition of a victim is "One who is harmed or killed by another: a victim of a mugging." SOURCE (Opens in a new window.)

Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking. "But the fourth preference of the definition of victim is "A person who suffers injury, loss or death as a result of a voluntary undertaking!"

There's a reason that it's listed fourth. Because it's not the first, second or third. It's the third place loser. You people are fucking up english. Besides, if you kill yourself on purpose, you're not worthy of any sympathy of mine. You're an idiot. Thanks for phasing yourself out of the gene pool. I only hope you've not bred.

To all of you who would condemn me for insisting on a world where language is descriptive, vibrant and filled with life: Do you people know how stupid you sound? Have you even listened to yourself? You are not dignifiably challenged or respectfully disadvantaged. You do not have a social learning disorder: You're pathetic.

Oh, one last thing. If you believe that I am in error and that I have overstepped my bounds, or if I have given you particular offense, please allow me to offer my most sincere apologies.

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